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Nice to meet you!

I’m thrilled you’re here. This has been, hands down, the best career and job of my life and trust me, I’ve had a few. If you’re as tired of working for someone else like I was, we’re going to get along just fine. Or, maybe your an empty nester ready to start something for yourself.

Whatever the reason, I’d be happy to work with you to decide if getting into the gifting business is the right answer for you. It’s not for everyone, I’ll be honest. There are some things you should consider before jumping in. It’s hard work, its not all ribbons and bows :)

You can jump right in and purchase a package if you know you’re ready or schedule a complimentary consultation with me and let’s talk through your ideas.

Debbie Quintana

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Now is a great time to start a gifting business because there is a growing demand for personalized and thoughtful gifts, especially during holidays and special occasions. This demand is coming from personal and business clientele to the tune of a multi-billion dollar industry.

And, with the flexibility of working from home, starting a gifting business can be a great opportunity for those looking to turn their passion for crafting and creativity into a profitable venture.

Additionally, with the exploding amounts of online shopping, it is easier than ever to reach customers and promote your business through social media and e-commerce platforms.

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The most successful gift basket business

owners have these qualities and skills:

Are personally disciplined, determined and are highly organized and ready to work - very hard. Focused on the plan, goals and making it happen and is self-motivated and confident in yourself.

Are well connected - know a lot of people or are skilled at getting connected with people fast

Have good computer skills, a basic

understanding of modern marketing and sales.

(I can teach you the rest)

The Process of Starting & Launching

Review the plan and decide the beset way to kick off your new adventure. You can do everything yourself, we can do everythign for you or we can create a hybrid approach.

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We create your website within 1 week

We upload our drop ship gifts

You start selling



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Don’t want a methodical approach? Prefer drop ship?

We can have you up and running within 2 weeks.

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with DQ

Create a



Action Items


Marketing Campaign

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From the plan there will be a list of action items that need to be completed. We’ll create that list together and determine who is going to do what. Get ready to design!

For example, you may want us to create a logo for you but you’ll need to secure the domain name. We can create your website but you’ll need to set up your payments, social networking connections. It’s a personal plan.

Let’s talk about your unique situation, your goals and thoughts about having a gifting business. Everyone is different and listening to your story is an important step in the process. Once we chat, I can make recommendations on a business model and lay out a plan to work together - if necessary. You may not need me.

We’ll work together to create a marketing plan that includes online and offline marketing, This will include a lot of marketing collateral so you can communicate your message properly and consistently. We offer social networking set up and management, if you prefer to delegate

The fun party begins! Stock up on supplies, Executed your marketing plan, make connections, close deals and start creating!

We’ll work together to make adjustments, design programs for your clients and push your business forward.

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I know it looks simple and I’m making it a short process but the reality is there are a lot of details that need to be worked out based on your own personal situation. As a coach, it’s my job to make sure your company is set up based on your skill set and your goals. I proudly do this very well and will make sure you’re set up for success. That is what I do and I LOVE IT!

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Types of Gifting Businesses





100% of your


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Starting a gift basket business has never been easier with several business models to choose from. While you may want to handle all aspects of your business, including designing, product selection, and production, there is another option to consider - drop shipping.

Gift basket drop shipping involves featuring another company's designs on your website, and when an order is received, it is automatically shipped by the designer.

As the owner of a drop ship business for over 10 years, I have helped numerous entrepreneurs start, grow, and improve their gifting businesses. However, there are pros and cons to using a drop shipper, and I personally prefer a hybrid approach. Although relying on a gift basket drop ship company like mine is convenient, it's crucial to have your own designs as well.

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Start with 12

If you’re looking to start the design process with your own gifts, here are the first 12 designs you should create:


Thank You


Get Well



New Home



Any Occasion:

Gourmet (Sweet + Savory) in 3-4 sizes


Wine/Beer (license required)

Get inspired at

Training on All Aspects of the Gifting Business

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Fashion Designer Making a Moodboard
Person Counting Cash Money


to Creation

Finding Your

Design Style

Setting up the financials, profit margins & pricing

Sourcing products, design and form for all gifts

Creating Industry Gifting Programs

Website Builder Responsive Design Screen Multidevices

Website, Apps,

Credit Card Process, In-Store POS, Live Chat, ALL tech

Marketing strategy

Marketing graphics, strategies & plans. This is a LOADED subject!

Sealed Cardboard Boxes

Order, invoicing & shipping processes

Creating strong

partnerships with



All Metrics for Growth

Affordable Services & Coaching

Every situation and budget is different which is why we don’t offer a lot of packages. It’s better

for us to have a conversation first and then we’ll work up a package that fits exactly what you need.

Fast Track Package: $2200

Includes full Shopify website with training, all social networking set up,

logo (if needed), 8 hour coaching package, drop ship upload (if desired),

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Social Networking Services

  • Social Networking Services on three platforms. $380 per month - Purchase Here
  • Social Network Makeover including new images, descriptions and ensuring all features are connected and complete. $35 per platform. Book a consult to discuss here.

Consulting & Coaching

30 minutes in person or zoom $45

60 minutes in person or zoom $98

Book Appointments Here

Coaching Packages:

10 Hours $910 - Purchase Here

20 Hours $1750 - Purchase Here

Website Services

e-Commerce on Shopify. $1200 - Purchase Here

Informational Website/Landing Pages range from $300-$800. Book a consult to discuss here.

  • 40 under 40” Silicon Valley Innovator, Silicon Valley Business Journal
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About Me

Proud Silicon Valley drop out.

Love starting and maintain businesses.

Crazy about gifting, wine and good food.

Passionate about helping others.

Live in Surprise, Arizona.

Owner of Jocelyn & Co., The Gift Designers Association

and a 10 year+ business coach & consultant.

I love helping business develop, flourish and celebrate.

Authored & Published:

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